Mind@Home provides expert, specialised psychiatric and psychological interventions within the home, school or clinic

What We Do
-    Comprehensive psychiatric assessment
-    Specialised intervention in a convenient and safe location
-    Collaborative Care Plans, family inclusive as required
-    Specialised treatment and support in a private practice model
-    In partnership with the patient/family, utilise an outreach approach to home and/or school if required.
-    Close consultation with patient’s Medical Practitioners
-    Provide services to acute patients
-    Regular patient review
-    Advocacy

Our dynamic team of mental health professionals is comprised of Consultant Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Credential Mental Health Nurses and an Intellectual Disability Clinician. They make a difference to the health outcomes of children, adolescents, adults, elderly and families.

Ongoing treatment and services are provided to patients in Ballarat and district, Swan Hill, Horsham and Nhill.


Image of group of young adults