Privacy Policy

The Mind@Home Psychiatry recognises that your privacy is important and is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information at all times. Information may be disclosed to third parties to assist with your medical care and as appropriate to referring medical practitioners or to organisations where required by law. Our comprehensive Privacy Policy is available for you to read upon request. Please ask our Reception Staff.

Health Information Collection and Use

We require you to provide us your personal details and history, so that we may properly assess, diagnose and treat according to your health care needs.

We aim to protect your privacy and securely store your health information. You can request a copy of our privacy policy, which includes information about the collection, use and disclosure of your health information.

We require your consent to collect and use the personal information you provide to us in the following ways.

  • Practice administrative purposes.
  • Billing purposes, including compliance with Medicare, TAC, DVA, WorkCover and Health Insurance Commission requirements.
  • Disclosure to others involved in your healthcare including treating doctors and specialists outside this practice. This may occur though referral to other doctors, or for medical tests and in the reports or results returned to us following referrals.
  • Disclosure to other doctors in the practice, locums etc. attached to the practice for the purpose of patient care and teaching.
  • For research and quality assurance activities to improve individual and community health care and practice management. Usually information that does not identify you is used but should information that will identify you be required you will be informed and given the opportunity to “opt out” of any involvement.
  • To comply with any legislative or regulatory requirements e.g. notifiable diseases.
  • For reminder letters which may be sent to you regarding your healthcare management.

You can decline to have your health information used in all or some of the ways outlined above but it may influence our ability to manage your health care to provide the best outcome for you.

Consent To Release / Obtain Information Form

If you need to release your patient records to another health practitioner e.g. a new GP, please download, print and return this completed form Consent to Release / Obtain Information Form